Who Are We?

Liquid Filling Australia was established in 2010

  • To meet the needs of businesses in Australia wanting to source their own different liquids / powders, packaging, labels, components from local or international sources then ship direct to us and have these filled and packed to specification, confidentially and professionally at competitive prices.
  • To assist small businesses already operating, where volumes become too large to handle themselves and needing to ensure a consistent high standard of quality control is achieved as well as scalability to meet future growth.
  • As a better alternative to businesses needing to launch a liquid or powder product and needing to rent their own filling, labelling and capping equipment. Liquid Filling Australia's custom built liquid and powder facility together with our experience ensures the potential pitfalls in 'doing it inhouse' are avoided and their products always meet the highest level of quality control. Plus free up their staff and management to focus on sales and marketing activities.
  • To support companies where their local bulk manufacturer will fill and pack products made by themselves but not  handle any lines not made by them - why not have all sent to Liquid Filling Australia and simplify operations.
  • To fill a massive gap in the Australian market for a professional, independent contract filling company, able to handle small, medium and large volumes and able to offer long term partnerships with businesses for ongoing filling and packing services to meet their long term market requirements
  • To provide clients with a one stop shop for all contract filling needs, ongoing storage of clients components for regular production runs - saving transport and logistics costs, with friendly advice, great service and consistent quality

Liquid Filling Australia is conveniently located just one minute from the M5 Liverpool turnoff.

We welcome all enquiries.

Steve Hall  |  Managing Director


Our Sydney operation is located in Moorebank. We can receive your components, bulk, labels and packaging directly from your suppliers locally or overseas and schedule production within days of receipt of all components and instruction.

Liquid Filling Australia is happy to enter into long term contract packing partnerships, leveraging projected annual volumes as well as then provide component storage and inventory management.

Liquid Filling Australia is licenced to handle certified Organic products Australian Certified Organic ACO11775 as well as veterinary registered products (APVMA 6198).